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The Real Glow Up Challenge

If you’ve been anywhere near social media for the past 36 hours you’ve seen an influx of people posting side by side pictures of themselves. Social media subscribers have searched their phones and Facebook albums for their best (or worst) looking images. The photos are supposed to be representative of his or her physical growth over the past decade. As I scroll through my feed, I take notice of the aesthetic differences. Some have gotten smaller, others bigger. Hair has grown, or thinned out. Beards now sit below chins where there once was no hair at all. The fashion of course has changed drastically. Gone are the days of oversized accessory belts and semi baggy pants. Ladies rock skinny belts and guys adorn a more fitted look. Externally, the growth is evident. I’ve seen many users describe how far they’ve come in their appearance. Internally though, what’s different? I look back at who I was at 21 and I am thankful for a decade of growth. Failed relationships, career transitions, new friends, and better life choices have all contributed to not only my outward appearance, but to what matters the most, who I am on the inside. What good is it to have grown outwardly if your inward growth remains stagnant?

Change sometimes gets a bad rap. Have you ever heard someone say “you’ve changed” in a negative tone? Maybe it’s because you would rather spend your Friday night indoors watching Hulu but in the past your Friday nights were reserved for standing on couches in VIP. Or maybe your list of friends has gotten shorter and some consider you fake for valuing quality over quantity. Most of the changes we make are for our betterment. Think about your last failed relationship. Whether you ended it or not, I’m positive that severing ties helped you grow in a number of ways, even if that growth was painful.

We are 15 days into a new year and who you are in 2029 will be vastly different than who you are right now in this very moment. Today, I encourage you to take inventory of who you were ten years ago. How have you grown? What lessons have you learned? And since a new year is upon us what changes will you start to make now so that in 2029 you’re not only showcasing your physical glow up but a spiritual, mental, and emotional one as well.

❤️ ATL

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