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Yesterday we hiked at a local park here in Georgia. While I was attempting to get a photo that would do this picturesque landscape justice, my partner was snapping me. While reviewing the pictures he had taken, that simple moment reminded me to look at the bigger picture.

As we learn to navigate through this temporary new normal, it’s important to interrupt our anxiety with gratitude. Many of us have experienced things that are masked as inconveniences. However, the bigger picture is that we are now forced to simply be. Be still. Be grateful. Be focused.

I was bummed about the number of trips that I had to cancel. I always value my time away because not only does it allow for a change of scenery and a chance to recharge, but allows my partner and I to connect in a way that our normal, every day environment doesn’t. The bigger picture is, We’ve been isolated together for about 3 weeks now and we have been able to have some thought provoking, intimate conversations and experience that might not have been possible while ripping and running and enjoying new places.
So while the whole world might be missing out on a number of different experiences, take inventory of what you have in front of you. If you’re blessed enough to still work while so many others are left jobless, be grateful. If you are healthy while others are struggling to stay alive, show gratitude. If you have the opportunity to be around loved ones, be thankful for the opportunity to deepen and enrich those bonds. If you’ve been struggling to focus on an idea that might catapult you to a new level, use this time to build on it without the extra background noise that is everyday life.
Be still. Be grateful. Be focused.

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