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Eff Fear!

I want to be frank. Not like the person, but you know, like, candid. About 5 years ago I toyed with the idea of starting a blog. I even shared the idea with a couple of friends. I didn’t take myself seriously, thus resulting in an idea that fell by the wayside. However, earlier this year I committed to stepping out of my comfort zone and into the land of possibility. Starting this blog and putting my thoughts out for the world to view was super scary for me. Some of you who know me personally might find this hard to believe, but I was incredibly fearful. I knew that some of the things I had to say would be impactful to someone, but even that, the idea that I could be positively impacting someone didn’t ease my trepidation. Part of my fear stemmed from knowing that my work would be scrutinized and everyone’s opinion might not be favorable. The fear of being judged by friends and strangers alike based on what I chose to share also played a part. Would my blog be successful? Could I reach the amount of people I wanted to and really make an impact? All of these things loomed over my head and forced me into a place of fear which would inhibit me from executing the vision that God had shared with me half a decade prior.

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but FUCK FEAR! No, seriously, fuck it! Do you know where some of today’s million dollar ideas lie? In graveyards. Fear has been one of the primary reasons why some of the best ideas are buried with their curators. The fear of “what if?” The fear of “what will people say or think?” The fear of failure. The fear of going broke attempting to make your dream come into fruition. Would you be holding that iPhone in your hand right now if Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne allowed fear to overtake their desire to create something great? (If you are reading this from an Android device insert the name of whoever’s bright idea that was). Where would you go to instantly pull up random facts or reviews on that restaurant you’ve been dying to go to if Larry Page and Sergey Brin decided not to move forward with sharing Google with the world? Sure, someone else probably would have come up with a subpar search engine, but who wants to use something equivalent to Ask Jeeves? And how many people have you heard say “I don’t know. Bing it.” My point is, you could be missing out on making your mark on the world or living your best life because of a four letter F word. Fear that is, not the other one up there.

So, start that business. Go back to school. Date that person (or break up with that person). Take that trip. Apply for that job (or quit it), or relocate to that city. The shot is always missed when you fail to even attempt to take it. Now, I’m not going to share with you a number of ways to take the first step or tell you some detailed story about how I got over my fear because you already know that. You know exactly what you have to do to get started. And as for me, I literally said “fuck fear” and went for it. Forget about what people might think and quit wondering what might happen if you fail. You know what happens if you do fail? That’s just it, you fail. And then you learn from your mistakes, tweak it, and try again. You’ve heard the stories of people like Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Arthur Blank and Bernie Marcus (Home Depot), Walt Disney (use your context clues), or Oprah Winfrey (seriously guys, you know this one) and how they were either fired from jobs in their current field or had their ideas shot down numerous times before scoring big. If you haven’t, Bing it. Just kidding, you should totally use Google. But guys, seriously, do not let fear keep you from the things that you are destined to have, see, and do. You could be doing a major disservice to yourself and those who could be greatly impacted by what you have to offer. Today, I’m challenging you to take the first step towards doing something that you have either never done before, or that you previously failed at. That thing that keeps you up at night. That thing you have continued to put off. Do not let fear consume you. Today, I’m challenging you to FUCK FEAR!



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  • Latoya Chambliss

    November 2, 2018 at 2:30 pm

    Congrats Atlantis! I know that fear and so glad you were able to push past it!

    1. ATL

      November 2, 2018 at 4:27 pm

      Thank you so much. Work in progress.

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