• The Bigger Picture

    Yesterday we hiked at a local park here in Georgia. While I was attempting to get a photo that would do this picturesque landscape justice, my partner was snapping me. While reviewing the pictures he had taken, that simple moment reminded me to look at the bigger picture. As we learn to navigate through this […]

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    April 5, 2020 By ATL
  • Mind Your Business

    The Holidays are upon us. For most this is a joyous time to spend with friends and loved ones. For others, comes increased anxiety (or just plain annoyance for some) about topics they aren’t quite enthused about discussing. With an increased campaign encouraging people to mind their own business, you’d be surprised how many people […]

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    November 18, 2019 By ATL
  • Date Your Mate

    If you currently are or have ever been in a relationship, you know how exciting those first few months can be. Feelings are intense, the newness is exciting, and dates are plentiful. Whether it’s a “Sunday Funday” or a romantic night out on the town, you look forward to spending quality time with your human. […]

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    January 23, 2019 By ATL
  • Why His Growth Should Not Mean Your Pain

    I love a good Beyoncé song. Actually, Love on Top is one of my favorite records. But one day I was listening to the lyrics. I mean truly listening intently to the words penned and I had a few questions. The crux of the song in my opinion details a seemingly tumultuous relationship that has […]

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    November 27, 2018 By ATL
  • Just Being Faithful Doesn’t Make You a Good Catch

    Listen, unless you are purposely trying to sabotage the life of another person we all want to be the best partner that we can in a relationship. Part of being a great partner is for our own personal growth. Being a great person for another will unlock traits in them that will in return unlock […]

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    September 6, 2018 By ATL